1st Annual Belt Conference


The “Competencias Comunicativas” research group of Universidad Simón Bolívar invites primary and secondary school teachers as well as Licenciatura students to the 1st Annual BELT (Barranquilla English Language Teaching) Conference: The Challenges of Teaching English in an EFL Caribbean Region Context at Simon Bolivar University in Barranquilla, Colombia.

The purpose of this event is to reflect on our own teaching context and contribute significantly to the improvement of the English teaching field.

The academic sessions will be developed through lectures, workshops, seminar-workshops or research reports regarding the following areas:

- Methodologies to teach the four basic skills
- Teaching English to young learners
- Teaching English to children    
- Applied research
- Teaching practice
- Assessment and evaluation    
- Motivation and learning
- Technology (CALL)
- Cultural background

The time allotted to the lectures and research reports is 40 minutes and to the workshops and seminar-workshops 60 minutes.




              June 2nd to July 20th - 2012                               

-Students:  $50.000

-Teachers and Researchers:  $70.000

              July 21st to August 15th - 2012                  

-Students:  $70.000

-Teachers and Researchers:  $90.000

The presenters will only incur the costs of the video beam and laptop.

Download your payment slip in the event subscription window and follow the steps necessary to print your payment voucher. 

Please send a scanned copy of the cancelled payment slip with your full name and ID number for confirmation to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mark Bevis

Nick Perkins